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With the WallPen, we print any motif in high resolution, in almost any size, in brilliant colors, long-lasting and directly on any vertical surface.

The maximum pressure height can be flexibly adjusted up to 4 meters. The print width is theoretically unlimited due to a self-propelled, steered platform. With the help of the software, the print data  is created on the PC from any motif (templates, slides, photos, scans, JPEG, TIFF, PNG...).calculated, rasterized, prepared and sent to the printer.

WallPen E2

WallPen is a Germany-developed vertical UV wall printer that prints any motif.Can print photorealistically on any vertical surface. The printer system was designed for mobile use and can be set up within 5 minutes.




Ecologically. Our ink is sustainableVEGAN and certified according to ISO 9001-2015.

12 years indoor color fastness & Durability, 5 year outdoor warranty

The wall print can easily be painted over with wall paint in one or two layers.

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